CTQ’s Stories of Impact Online Workshop

Offering online analogs to in-person professional development engagements

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CTQ supports teachers’ and administrators’ efforts to make schools better for all their students. At the center of this practice, CTQ works with teachers and school leaders to develop, document, and share their professional impact throughout their schools, and across their school districts.

CTQ offers schools the chance to engage teachers in this practice by means of a series of hands-on workshops, engagements offered in sequence with the aim of cultivating and fine-tuning participants’ professional practice. The workshops bring teachers together to identify and document the personal moments of impact that have most improved outcomes for their schools, their students, and their classrooms; and help participants to share this change in ways that empower their peers to have similar impact.

CTQ and ExtendedSession worked to extend this approach to teachers across the United States, re-creating each of organization’s five workshops within a single, sustained, stand-alone online offering. CTQ’s Stories of Impact online workshops delivered this collection of sessions to a teachers and school leaders who otherwise would have missed the opportunity to take part. CTQ organized their own trained hosts for each conference session, and provided micro-credentials for those participants who took the time to document the impact in their teaching practice that was occasioned by their involvement.

The result: Teachers across the country were able to access this professional development directly from CTQ.  Over a series of four months, CTQ presented ten live online sessions, giving teachers the professional development support they needed to produce their own evidence of impact, and the opportunity to earn a professional micro-credential they could in turn share as evidence of their accomplishment.

As each session concluded, each was archived for subsequent access by CTQ-served districts and partners. The resulting video library continues to serve as a remote resource for CTQ’s district customers, and to serve as an ongoing extra support to the organization’s otherwise in-person training.

Case Study

CTQ’s Stories of Impact Online Workshops

Offering online analogs to in-person professional development engagements


We helped CTQ refashion the components of their intensive in-person professional development engagements, organizing the most impactful elements within a new, extended multi-session online workshop available to teachers everywhere.

We introduced these online sessions in ways that underscored CTQ’s commitment to teacher leadership, and helped their training experts integrate each of their most important learning outcomes within their own personal online presentations.


We developed a new email campaign for CTQ to promote this new online workshop—one that help spread the word among the organization’s existing teacher-base while at the same time introducing CTQ to new teachers and schools.

We shared these materials across CTQ’s partner network—and with individual teacher networks as well. And we helped introduce the online workshops and the organization itself to a new network of potential attendees via social media.


We provided the digital conference platform upon which the ten-session online workshop was marketed and presented. Our ExtendedSession Online Conference platform made it easy to register attendees and to enroll them in individual workshop sessions.

Once the conference began, we managed each online session as it occurred, providing live session facilitators, and also preparing a video archive of each session so that even people who had missed a presentation could easily view what they’d missed—all on their own schedule.


Throughout, we made it possible for CTQ to continue to cultivate online participants’ engagement in specific session themes and outcomes, and to continue conversations even after each session concluded within a professional learning network established specifically for these sessions.