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connected and engaged.

ExtendedSession brings people together for live online conversations, classes, and conferences.

We know technology.
We’re interested in people.

ExtendedSession helps individuals, organizations, and businesses surround familiar video conferencing software with ease, elegance, and automation.

Our ExtendedSession Online Conferencing Platform integrates the registration, presentation, ticketing, and customer management software you need to quickly present your own branded, integrated online event —whether you’re planning a single one-time performance, or a multi-day conference with hundreds of speakers.

Like you, we think of technology as a tool. What motivates us is making connections with other people— including all that’s needed to produce, manage, and maintain online events that keep audiences connected and engaged.


We’re helping publishers and producers develop live, online programming that presents some of today’s most engaging creative thinkers, thought leaders, and news makers.

We’re also sharing what works best with individuals and organizations eager to present their own live events and grow their digital networks.

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We’re helping creative leaders, teachers, and educator share what they know in ways that encourage personal  engagement, professional development, and collaboration.

We’re also applying what we’ve learned from more traditional learning environments to new programming that makes the most of online learning.

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We’re helping businesses and organizations extend already successful conferences and festivals in ways that grow their digital networks.

We’re also helping other organizations to introduce new online events that promote their brand and showcase their products.

Upcoming Sessions

Together with our partners, we’re looking forward to these upcoming sessions, each of which makes easy use of the ExtendedSession Online Conferencing platform.

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Recent Sessions

Together with partners, we’ve recently organized and presented sessions featuring some of today’s most engaging creative thinkers, thought leaders, and newsmakers.

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